Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Seven Fab Reasons To Love Bearded Iris

 1) Those fabulous, fabulous ruffles.

 2) The crazy-ass colors!

 3) They're as close to an outdoor Orchid as this mountain gardener has ever found.

 4) They are unbelievably waterwise.

 5) They divide, and produce more Bearded Iris every year. {Gotta love that!}

 6) They come in every color of the rainbow.

 7) They bloom earlier than most of my mountain perennials.

Did I say seven? Actually, it's eight. I forgot to mention how gorgeous they are!

1 comment:

Bonnie K said...

They are one of my favorites also. I have another: Because they are so hardy and quick to multiply they are fun to share with others. I love the orange one!