Thursday, April 26, 2018


A Swan Butt sculpture! :) i.e.tails up, heads in the water, feeding.

It's been on the Bucket List for a long, freaking time...

Traveling to Amsterdam to terrorize the tulips!

Keukenhof! The largest flowering bulb garden in the world!

7 million blooming bulbs on 70+ acres.

FYI, it's not in Amsterdam. Keukenhof is located south of there in beautiful Lisse, Netherlands. We rented an airbnb a mile from there and bicycled to the gardens.

Every color, every bulb imaginable is showcased at Keukenhoff, which is only open 2 months out of every year.

Since it's in Holland, the paths wind through rivers and canals. Past a windmill, or two.

I'm a sucker for Fritallaria. So, now I'm dreaming of an acre of these in my own garden.

Or, a jumbled mess of every bulb I've ever fallen in love with...

What's missing from these photos?  A: Throngs and throngs of tourists! If you're gonna tour Keukenhof try to get up early. We arrived about 5 minutes before they opened. The crowds showed up about 2 hours later...

Are you a lover of flower bulbs? That's my favorite type of gardening. Plant them on a cool, autumn day. Plant 'em. Forget 'em.

They pop up early in spring, adding much needed color to a dull, brown garden still reeling from a too-long winter.

I hope you enjoyed the show.

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