Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Chief Joe 2018

Hello Handsome. Isn't he a stunner? This is Snuffy. An Appaloosa this pretty deserves a better name but that's what happens when you put the kids in charge.

I've ridden 600 miles with this guy!

This is my girl, Sable, on the Chief Joe Ride in 2017.

The only breed allowed on this ride are Appaloosas - spotted ponies. Which works out great for me! Seeing as how they are my favorite breed of horses.

Snuffy spent the night in my backyard and off they go, up into Washington for their grand adventure.

I've been told I'm being a baby for sitting this one out. But, I just couldn't bring myself to do the ride this year. It's so freaking hot! Plus, this leg of the 1,300 mile journey is too difficult.

* I overheard horse, Sable, breathe a gigantic sigh of relief when I announced we would not be working so hard on these 100 degree days. :)

300 people show up to participate from as far away as Maine & Florida

* The Chief Joseph Trail Ride commemorates the Nez Perce Native American flight from the U.S. Calvary. The tribe was running to safety, in Canada, riding their Appaloosa horses. They made it 1,300 miles before surrendering 40 miles shy of the Canadian border.

** It takes 13 years to complete the Chief Joe Trail Ride. I still have 700 miles to go.

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