Saturday, April 17, 2021

First Spring Blossoms

BEHOLD! The first spring blossoms! Crocus Remembrance. I'm always surprised to see them. Rabbits and ground squirrels happily dig them up.


At long last... a sunny warm weekend dedicated to playing in the mud.

With the weather finally cooperating, I donned those much missed, and very tattered, garden gloves to clean up the first of the beds. 2 down, 10 to go. The bulbs are beating me to it, this year. Blooming without the usual TLC from me.

Grecian Windflowers (the white ones are heirlooms)are perfect for dry planting areas. These tiny bulbs easily rot in wet spring soil.


Peeking out from beneath the debris were these fancy little Windflowers.

Peter Pan Heirloom Crocus


Pretty white Crocus trying hard to steal the show. I rarely plant white flower bulbs. After 6 months of snow (I live in a ski resort) I'm prefer a livelier color than white.

Rip Van Winkle Heirloom Daffodil


Sparse bulbs in the 'danger' zone. This back area is where the horses play, but they don't like the taste of these heirloom bulbs. It's a second 'footprint' in a raised bed that houses vegetables later in the season.

I was up early, traipsing around with the camera, shivering on a 30 degree morning, feeling extra proud of this band of bright bloomers.

We've had an unusually dry winter.

An alternately too hot, then too cold, spring.

Though it seems to bother me a whole lot more than it bothers the flowers!

It's as if they have little wrist watches attached to their roots. No matter the weather, they're always happy to put on a pretty show.

I'll sign off with a mystery flower. A mystery to me, that is. I can't remember her name. Perhaps you know?

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