Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gracie's Lemon Heads

Tips from a pro! 5-year-old Gracie knows a thing or two about sunflowers. The best planting tool is attached to the palm of your hand.

Scatter seeds on top of loose garden soil. Push them into the dirt with your index finger or thumb. It's more than fun. It's a precise way to measure seed planting depth.*

Sunflowers, tall as trees, often hang their heads, weighed down by heavy blooms. But, that's not the case with the Lemon Queens. These tall, skinny gals have lightweight flowers. They hold their heads high, when other varieties begin to droop.

Gorgeous, lemon yellow sunflowers are available from Gurney's.

* Native birds give this sunflower a big thumbs up.
** Commercial growers recommend planting sunflower seeds 1 inch deep, spaced 1.5 feet apart.

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