Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Layered Look: Spring Bulbs

A condo dweller wrote in, wishing she had a yard in which to plant a drift of tulips. A yard is fun, but...

You can make a colorful splash with one spectacular planter on your balcony.

A 20-inch deep pot can hold 3-4 layers of bulbs. Each layer should bloom at a different time.

Container Planting: Layers of Bulbs
  1. Bottom of planter: thin layer of rocks or gravel
  2. Add soil, then first bulb layer: Daffodils
  3. Cover bulbs with soil, add second layer: Early Blooming Tulips
  4. Cover bulbs with soil, add third layer: Hyacinths
  5. Cover with a good bit of soil.
* Press a few Crocus or Grape Hyacinth into top layer of soil. These bulbs, the size of a quarter, put on quite a colorful show.

  • Snip foliage away, if you notice the next stage of bloomers is being shaded by the first.
  • Northerners: bubble wrap on the inside of the pots makes great insulation.
  • Get creative on bulb choices. Anything goes!

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