Monday, October 16, 2006

Spooky Gulch

Home from a desert camping trip, spirits high, in spite of a drenching rain that sent us scurrying out of these wild lands before muddy roads became impassable. I tried my luck at wiggling through this 12-inch-wide slot canyon, until claustrophobic feelings, or perhaps my love of French Fries, sent me back to wider paths.

I'm in awe of desert flowers. At their will to live in spite of deadly heat and months of drought. When it does rain, they practically drown in the flash flooding.

I nurture my native plants, they bloom, but not so well. Ah ha! I think to myself, as we punch it into 4-wheel drive and maneuver through the mud... Perhaps I'm killing them with kindness.

* Graham's Penstemon (above) is in current legislation to be added to the endangered wildflower list. Fall in love with the desert, but tread lightly. And, please don't pick the flowers.

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