Thursday, October 19, 2006


I was a bad girl, when I first moved to Utah. Mostly because I was a city slicker and I didn't know any better. Enamoured with all the pretty wildflowers, I would sometimes pick 'em on hikes in the mountains. That's a no-no. (In fact, I think it's against the law but don't turn me in - I've mended my evil ways.)

Now that I'm slightly smarter, I realize that every time wildflowers are picked we hurt their chances of flourishing in their native environment.

So, I'm hot for wildflowers and I want to plant them in the ugly half of my backyard. But, where do the nurseries get their wildflower seeds? If they're harvesting them from open lands, aren't they just as bad, or worse, than me?

I had a devil of a time finding a company that seemed trustworthy. Wildflower Farm was the only one that clearly stated their wildflowers were nursery grown, not gathered from the wild.

  • If you order bulk seed, supplement it with quick-growing plants that will bloom first year. (I added lots of poppies to my bulk mixture because they'll bloom first summer.)
  • Plant in late autumn and let nature take it's course. Remove as many weeds as you can from the garden area. Rake to loosen soil. Sprinkle seeds evenly right before a rain.

* There may be other reputable companies. If you've had good luck with some, please let me know.

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