Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pink Evening Primrose

Blooming in my garden today:
Pink Evening Primrose

My favorite sun worshipper is popping up all over* the Circle Garden. If only the rest of my perennials were this low maintenance...

She prefers unimproved soils, blooms throughout the summer months without water or fertilizer.

* Don't let these pretty pink blossoms fool you. She's well-behaved in the torture chamber next to the road in front of my house. In a well-maintained garden she'll become downright invasive.

Oenothera speciosus 'Rosea' ~ USDA zones 5-9

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OmegaMom said...

Ah, Mexican primrose! Yep, the best place to have it is in a sharply defined bed of some kind...meaning something that has a metal barrier that goes down about two feet! Gives meaning to the word "invasive"! But it's so, so, so pretty. And so low maintenance.

(Kate, lest you think *I* am the gardener, I have to say that it's my hubby who does the gardening. I just tell him, "I like that!" and he figures out where to put it and how to grow it!)