Thursday, July 26, 2007

Me & the Monsoon

The moment I started painting my house it began to rain.
Why didn't I think of this months ago?

During this long, hot summer, scientists have been experimenting with seeding clouds to inspire a bit of rainfall. Predictions that southern California will soon dry up and blow away has Arnold and a lot of other folks behaving like nervous Nellies.

Seems silly, to me, to go to such great lengths when all you really need to do is make plans to paint the house, or go camping, or decide to have your wedding reception outdoors.

It's taken me 2 months, 4 trips to the store and 6 test gallons of paint to find the 'perfect' color for the latest and greatest back-breaking project, painting the house. During this indecisive time, every day was a perfectly dry day to get this project done.

So, I got up early and painted for an hour and before the paint could dry it began to rain. All I have to do is look hard at the paint rollers and it starts raining again. I was planning to paint all afternoon yesterday ~ which is more than likely why it rained so hard Main Street was flooding.

I'm not complaining. My flowers are bowing their heads in gratitude after this morning's drenching. I desperately miss the cool, wet of a rainy day. Plus, I hate to paint. I'd almost choose an aerobics class over a day spent painting.

But, it does make me wonder... if it's this easy to control the weather, can I do the same with NASDAQ?

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Wunx~ said...

jealous, Jealous, JEALOUS!!!!!!!