Monday, August 03, 2009

Sweet Signs of Summer!

Luscious Pears ripen on my trees...

Peppermint Phlox prepares to show her pretty face.

Rose Campion* picks up the slack as Johnson's Blue Geraniums take a well-deserved break.

Rose and I are BFFs. I adore everything about her! Including the silvery grey foliage that sets off her show-stopper fuchsia blooms.

John Cabot Roses will flower all summer long, if you're nice to them. [Half the summer if you're not.]

It is no hotter today than it was last Friday or earlier in the week. There's just something about it being the month of August that works like a charm.

When the pinks grace my garden in full force.

And, I get permission to slack off on pretty much everything.

Except moving the sprinkler from here to there.

What's left to be done in the garden will not get done. Certainly not if it's left up to me.

August spells the beginning of the... end. As in the end of my energy. Because when it hits 95 degrees outside there's really only one thing to do.

Spirea and Perky Sue

Hoist myself into a swimsuit and head to the beach! :))

Buckets & Buckets of Pink Evening Primrose

Rose Campion is a stunning heirloom perennial that's been around since the 1300's. Thrives in zones 3-9. I've discovered she's considerably more drought tolerant than nurseries claim.


Rosey Pollen said...

Where did you order John Cabot rose?
I am interested in growing some, there are wonderful!

Kate said...

Hi, Rosey!
John Cabots ARE wonderful. I got mine from High Country Gardens. :)

JOHNSON, Cotswold Hills, England. said...

Thanks, Kate, for the reminder of Rose Campion, a plant I associate with my childhood. It self sowed everywhere in my parents garden and I loved it for the colour and its soft felty grey leaves. For some reason I don't grow it but you have prompted me to throw some seed around.

Interesting that, despite our very different altitude and climate, (and continent for that matter!), we have plants in flower pretty much the same time. Johnson

Kate said...

Hi, Johnson!
I had the same observation when I visited your blog the other day. You probably don't need to irrigate to grow those flowers, though, and I spend 2 days per working dragging a sprinkler around. :)

PS ~ I, too, discovered Rose Campion from my Mother's garden.