Thursday, May 16, 2013

To the Salt Mines... Literally!

On my last night of our international sales meeting in Germany, we were treated to the most amazing thing.

Deep below the Salzberg mountain is a working salt mine.

It's been in operation since the 1500's. (I was educated to the fact that salt mines always 'employed' slaves, hence the reference to all of us working stiffs...)

I dressed pretty sharp for this dinner. Which was a waste of time. Because they make you put on miner's suits!

Then, you hop on a little train that takes you down into the salt mine..

From there, we sailed across an underground lake in the near pitch dark.

Next up! We use an ancient wooden slide to reach the lowest level. In groups of five, or six, you sit on these polished wooden slats and slide - very fast - to the bottom! No big accidents, in spite of our best efforts while goofing off...

(My photos of the train and slide didn't come out so I snitched some pics from the salt mine website... :)

When you get to the depths of the salt mine... voila! A dining room!

Where we gnoshed on all kinds of gourmet goodies...


Alison said...

What a fascinating place! How cool for you to be able to visit. The underground lake and the slide must have been quite fun.

The Suzzzz said...

Very cool! Do you have a link to the website for the mine? If I ever make it back to Europe that is going on the itinerary.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Now I am curious as to how they brought all those gourmet goodies down to those deep depths.

Did they have to come down the same way as you did?


Marguerite said...

wow, what a fantastic night that must have been. Although, any feelings of claustrophobia? I get nervous whenever I think of going underground.

Mac_fromAustralia said...

And you even got to dine down there? What an amazing experience!