Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bombarded with Color!

Flowering Almonds
 Isn't she a stunner? Flowering Almonds are so delightful. As I look around the homestead, I wish I'd planted a dozen more...

 On a cold spring, it could be June before perennials flower this high up in the mountains. While plants are greening up, trees and shrubs take center stage.

 They're going nuts this year ~ because of our plentiful rains.

Golden Currants
 I have not ~ as yet ~ turned on the sprinklers. And, that's a whole month later than normal.

Sweet Honeysuckles
 In the beginning, I was hoping for fruit, but I was sorely disappointed. Fruit trees don't produce much of a harvest at this altitude.

Flowering Plums
What scraggly fruit they do produce is a fancy feast for the songbirds.

But, who cares? They're gorgeous!

Early Lilacs
Everywhere I look I'm bombarded with color. And, this is only half of them! I've got a batch of later bloomers waiting in the wings... :)


Anonymous said...

Stunning, all of this. So glad someone somewhere is getting rain. Here in northern New Mexico @8000 are are bone dry. I almost feel guilty planting the little that I do, but I just can't help myself.
peace n abundance,

Rock rose said...

Gorgeous blooms. I can almost smell them.

Lona said...

Beautiful! That Almond may not have a fragrance but it makes up for it in beautiful blooms.
New blog address:

retention wall gold coast said...

Your garden looks great! Love those beautiful blooms!

Snowcatcher said...

We're about a month behind here, too. None of our blossom trees have reached the beautiful display you are experiencing; we lost most of them last freeze. Thank you for sharing such a gorgeous view of your world!