Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Hauptbahnhoff Surprise

I met up with my friend, Amy, in Munich prior to the sales meetings.

We spent two nights in a little hotel near Hauptbahnhoff, the Munich central train station. It's a somewhat ratty area of town. Our hotel was smack dab between a table dancing parlor and a bar called Sexyland. {No kidding.}

This Amerikaner struggles with Euro travel because you can't get coffee in your room. So, early in the morning, I'd stumble over to the train station to meet up with my pals at Starbucks.

Much to my delight, a small botanical garden was blossoming behind the train station.

I should apply for a job there. No one seems too dedicated to the upkeep of these flowers.

Which is why I'm only showing you close ups of the bright bloomers.

Anyhoo ~ just thought you might enjoy seeing where I was hanging out for morning coffee!

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