Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ciao Bella

I'm a wee bit sad ~ to say good-bye to Italy. Such a beautiful country. Why must travel time fly by so quickly?

But, I'm a lucky, lucky girl. To have seen this magical area in the first place and also to see it through the eyes of a local! I have a close friend who lives here.

She met, and married, an Italian 6 years ago. Perhaps I should have been shopping for an Italian, instead of hanging out in the Rose Gardens! ;)

I visited her in 2011. A dark time for me. My brother had passed away, very suddenly. And, I was having a tough time dealing with that. We were pretty close.

Sarah wisely suggested a change of scenery. She found me a teeny, tiny little apartment in Bressanone, Italy, about an hour drive from Austria. Quite literally across the street from her home.

Not only did I get to explore Italy. I also got to live like a local! Which is so much fun... navigating the oddities at the grocery store and getting lost in a maze of cobblestone streets. 

I remember hopping off that plane in Innsbruck, leaving a dull, grey, winter landscape behind... and everywhere I turned, bright blossoms greeted me.

Flowers, you see, they are very good for the soul. It was fabulous therapy back in 2011. And, even more so this time around.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and stories. It's sure been fun. And, now it's back to the states where, with any luck, my gardens are blooming just as brightly. Sans the castles, of course. :)


Melospiza said...

It's been so wonderful, following the lovely photos from your trip...they make me feel a bit wistful. Thank you.

Alison said...

I remember those posts from Italy when you were living there. That was right around the time I discovered your blog. I didn't realize it had been precipitated by your brother passing. Thanks for the lovely pictures of roses. I don't grow them because of their fussiness, but I do appreciate their beauty.

Rilly said...

I sure enjoyed your trip....where "we" going next? ;)

Lona said...

Yes you are a lucky girl to have visited such a beautiful country. I love the roses Kate. Gorgeous!

ProfessorRoush said...

I desperately need names for roses #1 and #3....beautiful.

Aaron said...

That simple white rose is stunning. Thanks for your photos and stories.


Your rose photos are lovely. I'm glad you had a great time in Italy. I hope it was therapeutic and healing this time too. What a great friend you have. Enjoy your garden.

Rose said...

Where have I been?? I've seen a few of your Facebook postings, so I knew you were somewhere in Europe, but I've completely missed all these posts. I'll come back later today when I have some down time and check them all out. Beautiful images--sounds like you have had a wonderful trip!

Pearl said...

Italy's wonderful. maybe we'll go back next year.

wonderful to be in a land of roses.