Friday, May 10, 2013


After a fun couple a days in Munich, it was time to go to work. :(  Making me wonder for the gazillionth time... when, oh when, will I become the winner of that desperately needed lottery so I can just goof around all the live long day?

Off to our international sales meeting near Salzburg.

We hopped a boat that took us through Konigsee (lake) to the ancient St. Bartholomew's Church. [top photo.] Situated on an island in this ultra narrow canyon, where every noise you make echos off the towering rocks.

And... hey! Whaddyaknow! When we got there, we found another Oompah band. :) In addition to a truly spectacular meal that had me searching online for rental apartments ~ 'cause I never wanted to leave. Much less stop grazing at that cheese course table...

I was chatting with a gal from the German team and she was fit to be tied. "We are not just oompah!!" she said, in that fierce German tone that I've learned not to cower from.

Oh, it's okay, I assured her.  Everybody thinks all Americans are cowboys.

"At least cowboys are exciting," she responded. And, we giggled. Accepting the fact that being typecast is just gonna happen, no matter how hard we protest.

Berchtesgarden is near Salzburg, Austria, high in those breathtaking Alps ~ with astonishing views that we got to enjoy for about 5 minutes.

Then the rains set in. For the entire time we were there.

Which was probably a good thing. And, for sure, an ironic thing! Seeing as how we were there to work on Lowa's 2014 line of guaranteed waterproof footwear.

And, here we are! A soaked to the gills American traveling team.


ProfessorRoush said...

But how wonderfully green everything is!

caite said...

gosh, somehow I do not feel sorry for you. I should have to go to meetings at a place like that! lol

Love that first pic especially.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Now those are the kinds of Sales Meetings any worker would be happy to be involved with. Looks more like a vacation then any kind of work. lol!