Thursday, June 22, 2006

Hot! Cha! Cha!

I've met a few gardeners who turn up their noses at annuals. "They're so easy! Where's the fun in that?"

The 'fun' is bright, hot color in no time. Flowering annuals have one job to do and do it well: they bloom like crazy and then they die.

Find a spot in your garden for happy little Zinnias. Squeeze 'em close together for a big, bold burst of color.

Sprinkle a packet of Zinnia seeds in a sunny garden bed and look out. They sprout quickly, filling the spot with flowers so perfect they don't even look real.

I happen to like easy. I bet you will, too.

* Zinnias (Z. elegans), are easily cultivated annuals, flowering in a variety of bright summer colors. Zinnia seeds are available from Burpee and other quality seed companies.

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