Thursday, November 08, 2007

Blind, Blonde, or Both

I do appreciate an optimistic attitude. These flowers have it in spades. They're still blooming and it's November!
Early in the summer, I not only lost my prescription sunglasses, I also lost my regular spectacles. Amazing all the things that go flying off your body when you're trying to calm down a bucking horse. Suffice to say that cost me a fortune, though it really didn't cost me a dime because I never replaced them.

How you see my fall-blooming Mums

I decided a cheaper way to travel might be to ride around half blind. After all, the horse has excellent vision, so it's not like we'll trot off a cliff or anything.

Snubbed! Yesterday I bumped into a neighbor who was acting kind of weird. "Have I done something to offend you?" he demanded. Apparently, I've been riding past him for months without saying hello. How could I? I'm blind as a bat without those glasses.

How I see my fall-blooming Mums. (Softer and prettier, if you ask me.)

Clearly he was upset. The burning question in my mind was "Why did you wait so long to say something?" But, I know the answer to that. It's a lot more fun to stew about things. Significantly harder to confront the big elephant sitting in the room.

The thing is... no matter how poor, or perfect our eyesight, we only see what we want to see.

Take last night, for instance, when a gardening friend stopped by and gleefully pointed out the weeds that were taking off in my Big Rock Garden. I half-hoped she'd zone in on the itsy bitsy pink flowers still putting on a pretty show. Some people are just prone to poke around for problems.

And, that got me thinking how she & K (upset fellow from paragraph above) might be a match made in heaven! They both waste a good bit of energy on imaginary slights. Plus, he's rich and when it comes to money... well, I've heard love is blind.

I've gotta get these kids together!

Chick Flick Extraordinaire:
If you're bored this weekend, rent 'How to Marry a Millionaire.' The director had this brilliant idea of putting Marilyn Monroe in a pair of horn-rimmed spectacles. When she met the guy who could see the beauty behind the glasses, she finally found the love of her life.

* Oxalis Crassipes Rosea just might bloom all winter long. Stay tuned.... ** Fall Mums are a fab way to add late color to the garden. The orange and red varieties look gorgeous in an autumn landscape.


Wunx~ said...

Hey Kate -- Love your team members! (though I still maintain he's a GoodDog.)

Anonymous said...

Kate, You need one of Dick's creations for the garden that clearly states, All my weeds are Wild Flowers. He brings several every year to the plant exchange. Maybe displaying this little plaque along with the flowers and weeds would silence the picky, petty gardener. KC