Thursday, November 01, 2007

Miracle Diets & Amaryllis Bulbs

Atkins, The Zone - who needs 'em?

During the course of this year, I have discovered 3 miracle diets that put these popular diets to shame!

I fondly call the 1st one the Oyster Diet. Wanna lose 10 pounds fast? Simply slurp one bad oyster and wait for the excitement to begin. (Try not to throw up on your date.)

Diet #2 is equally effective. It's called Certain Types of Sushi (aka raw salmon and cilantro.)

This left a sick soapy taste in my mouth and zero desire to eat anything for two solid weeks. (I was all Zen about throwing up on my client for this one because he forced me to eat it.)

By far the most effective is the Pistachio Diet. Take one innocent looking shell-on pistachio, pop it in your mouth and crunch down hard. Then wait 8 painful days for your dentist to fix the broken tooth.

While I was lying around feeling sorry for myself my pretty Amaryllis burst into flower. She's my test bunny for the upcoming holidays (because the growing times are unpredictable.)

Amaryllis bulbs make great Christmas gifts but the flower is lots more impressive than the bulb. Try growing them now so they are in full bloom when you give them as gifts. This is my sneaky trick to make a $5 present look like it's worth a million bucks. :))

* Amaryllis bulbs need 6-8 weeks to reach flowering stage. Keep away from direct sunlight and they will bloom for about a month.


Anonymous said...

My Christmas present was only five bucks? Cheapskate. I'm not gettin' you anything this year! :D

Anonymous said...

These bulbs are SO unpredictable. I had 2 in pots last year. One had finished blooming before the other one had grown a bud!

Unknown said...

Just found your site and loved it. We are Australians who have just moved to Park City and we are trying to find out if cherry blossoms will grow in this altitude. We are hoping to surround our house with them but it is high up. Cheers, Maude

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Welcome to Park City, Maude! The North Star Dwarf is probably your best bet for cherry trees. It blooms white, though :(

If you're hoping for pretty pink flowers in springtime, consider the
Prairifire Crabapple. Pink/Fuschia blossoms. Very hardy in the mountains.