Monday, June 22, 2009

Bearded Iris and Faces on Facebook

Mom's Bearded Iris ~ snitched from her garden years ago ~ now happily flourishing in mine.

It's official, I thought to myself. If my Brother is on Facebook then I am the last hold out left in the USA, and possibly in the world!

I cannot bring myself to become a Facebooker.

I don't intend to Twitter, either. Ever!

Blogging, to me, has value. It requires time, thought, hopefully a little bit of focus, lots of commitment.

Facebook feels like a bunch of people haphazardly clicking around asking, Hey, can I be your friend?

As if adults have willingly regressed back to the shallowness of high school popularity contests.

Now, I realize this bad attitude could anger lots of people. So, let me just say right here and now: Sorry! I was wrong. (And, I hate to admit that!)

My Brother has spent the last few rainy weekends scanning and posting a ton of photos he found in boxes around the old homestead. Preserving them in the virtual world. He kept pestering me. Join Facebook. Go look.

Get lost. That was my response. But, it's kind of like a traffic accident. You gotta look. Even when you don't want to.

So, I looked. And, look what I found. This is Mom, snowshoeing in the Utah Mountains, on a visit 66 winters ago.

Whenever I see an article listing 'How to care for Bearded Iris' I get confused. Other than occasionally thinning the herd, the less care the better. They live forever, are incredibly drought-tolerant. I can't imagine a cottage garden without them.

* Nope. She had nothing to do with me moving to Utah. In fact, she was against the idea.... :)


Anonymous said...

Kate, you're not alone in regards to Facebook, Twitter, whatever. Blogging is the most connected and involved I care to be too. I don't even text or whatever with my cell phone. In fact, I rarely use it as we don't get a signal up here in the mountains (yes, I have 'people', meaning Verizon) LOL

I hear ya. Less is more I think.

KC said...

Sure glad you did. That picture looks like one we have taken of you in just the same spot.

Anonymous said...

You were not wrong in your assessment of FACEBOOK. It's just a mob of idiots. I joined because I've always believed in serendipity. When I went to Aunt G's funeral I realized the previous generation is passing quickly. That same day I got an invite from Rachelle to join Facebook. They said I could upload unlimited photos, so I decided to give it a try. - R

thismngardener said...
Just to bug ya. :)

sasha said...

Hi Kit,

I love the photo of your mom and see the resemblance, what a treasure.