Monday, February 07, 2011

Brodo di Cucinare

Check out my stove.
That's it. No microwave. No oven.

Wouldn't life be grand if we could travel without a budget? I seem to be blowing through mine rather quickly. Prompting a trip to the grocery store in search of soup. Not only do I love it, it's pretty much 'free.' Soup, that magical meal, is the ultimate budget stretcher for me.

Classic Americano that I am, I waltzed into the grocery store expecting to see a huge section of those familiar red and white Campbell's cans.

But, soup is a labor of love around here. This is the 'broth package' that we take home, and simmer, for three hours. After that, we commence making soup. Now, I should probably explain that I am NOT in a 3rd world country and there are some budget-busting frozen and fresh soups to be had. But, this is a common way to start homemade soup. Hmmm... I wondered... Why don't they sell this back home? We'd save a fortune!

"Are you kidding?" responds my Italian friend. "Like any American would spend 3 hours making broth..." Good point. The Swansons company brainwashed that outta me long before I ever owned a stove.

* Brodo di cucinare means 'cooking broth.' Am I wowing you with my mastery of the Italian language? It's all thanks to Were it not for Bev, I'd surely starve.

** The broth package consists of chicken, beef, onions, celery and big, fat carrot. I dolled it up a bit with a few more ingredients.

*** This is my bloggin' diary from Bressanone, Italy, where I am living, and working, for the month of February.


Unknown said...

Just catching up on your adventure. How very exciting for you. Does your friend Bev have any "friends"?... nothing serious... just saying a little harmless flirting in Italy...

Melospiza said...

I am reading your tale of Italy with envy and appreciation--and I LOVE the idea of a broth package (except that in American grocery stores it would cost like $8 because it was "foodie" thing).

Oh, but ENJOY your time, and WRITE, and it will be ALMOST like I'm Italy myself.

Okay, yeah, so, not really so much. But I do so love reading about it.

KC said...

You know, now that I think about it I only use 2 burners on my stove. Doing without the microwave and oven might take some getting used to. You have always been great in the kitchen so I'm sure you will figure it out. I'm sure your soup was grand. Love the updates, please keep 'em coming.

Snowcatcher said...

I got so tied up in my life, I'd forgotten about your fairytale!!!

I make my soup homemade, too...

Your stove is adorable! Will you get to bring it home?!?

Carolyn ♥ said...

ditto... please keep writing. I'm considering this my 2011 Italian Adventure, through your pics and words of course!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Gals!

My soup turned out great. It's been my dinner 3 nights in a row, (with no complaints.)

Tufa ~ So far the only one to hit on me is the homeless harmonica player. But, I'll try harder. :D