Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Facciamo una Passeggiata

She's checking her bag, fearful I've stolen her pastries.
Feel like taking a walk?

During the week, I really do have to work which is so... annoying. I mean, I know that's what I committed to and everything but I can't believe they really thought I'd do that.

I try to sneak out, mid-mornings, for a breath of fresh air...

Directly outside my apartment gate is a busy street where the locals try to run you down in their teeny, tiny cars. I'm really not worried about this any more. Because I found the strudel shop. A few more daily visits to this place, and I'll be bigger than their cars!

The 0% Sale
Farther down the street is this cute clothing store. I've got my eye on a jacket, there. But, check out their sign. It just says percent % ~ with no numbers attached. Admittedly, I'm a dumb tourist. But, not that dumb. Anxiously waiting to see a big 5-0 placed in front of that percent.

Next up is the spooky fountain. Gives me the heebie jeebies ~ what with those ghost-like sculpture people rising from the metal.

Newly decorated apartment!
Right past the fountain is my final destination ~ the grocery store. (I'm making it a habit to go through an entire loaf of their home-baked bread every afternoon.) This is where I fell in love with the cute baby Hyacinths ~ which naturally found a home on my sunny window sill.

And, now I must return to work. But, rest assured I'll find a lame excuse to sneak you back to that Strudel Shop real soon.

PS! Stay warm, my friends. I heard it got down to zero (!?) in Arizona this week. What gives with this crazy weather??

* Facciamo una passeggiata = Let's take a walk. This is my bloggin' diary from Bressanone, Italy, where I'm living, and working, for the month of February.


sweetbay said...

The fountain is creepy. lol That pesky work thing is annoying isn't it. :) Enjoy the pastries!

Mariana said...

Congratulations on your new appartment! The pictures are lovely!

KC said...

Everything looks so...."Italy". I love to see the photos. I don't know why when I pictured you there I thought more rural but urban works too. I love it all.

Alison said...

I'm really enjoying reading these posts about your month in Italy! Sounds so wonderful (except for all that pesky work).

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I'm enjoying those fab pastries way too much, Sweet Bay.

The Atkins fellow and I will definitely need to get re-acquainted upon my return.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

It's a pretty small town, KC. At least, I think so. We peddled our bikes out into the country in a matter of minutes last weekend.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Thanks, Mariana and Alison!

I'm glad the pics bring a smile to your face. My day starts at about 2 a.m. US time, so it's kind of nice to begin with coffee and blogging before I actually have to face the reality of doing real work and earning a living.

Lona said...

Hi Kate. Well I am glad you got a flower for the apartment. You will feel more at home now. LOL! What pretty cobbled walkways. I agree the fountain sculpture is a little eerie. It must be hard to work with all of the many new things around you to look at and explore. Have fun.

sasha said...

I love that fountain, very Euro looking. And I'm glad you got yourself a plant to nurture. It looks like a lovely town.

Wally said...

The fountain is... interesting. I tried googling it, I'm intrigued. Casa Dello Strudel, I want one of those in my street!

The Hag said...

My daughter and I are farmers/gardeners in the high Montana desert. We had below zero temperatures over the weekend here. Hard to believe spring will ever come. It's wonderful to read about your stay in Italy and dream of lovelier weather!
Find us at http://hermityfarmer-women.blogspot.com/
We look forward to commiserating about our adventures!