Monday, March 14, 2011

What are the Odds?

What are the odds? 
Can I grow one of these beauties in my sunny window?

The rains ~ quite common in late April ~ arrived early this year. Ruining ski trips for the tourists, gifting impatient gardeners with high hopes for a good, long growing season.

Will that actually happen? Let's hope so. Because this little digger is quite anxious to sink her fingers into the muddy soil.

The dreary view from my front deck.
Grey gloom plagues me. Cabin fever taking hold. Prompting the purchase of all kinds of strange stuff....

I'm starting a vineyard!

Innocently marched into Homer Depot, to pick up supplies. And, what do I see but grape vines for sale! Strategically positioned right inside the front door.

Do I need grape vines? Heck, no! But, just look at that depressing view out my [typically] sunny window.  Plus, they were only $7 bucks. Like I'm gonna pass that up.

And, then, there's this: 
Dahlia tubers for sale 
at the local supermarket. 

Do you suppose I could grow a Dinner Plate Dahlia in my bay window? Or, at least get 'er started in there? She'll stretch to 4 feet, if she ever does bloom. Though, counting on that is a stretch of another kind if you ask my gardening friends.

Truth be told, I don't really care if she blooms. Or, even if my vineyard survives. Sometimes just the futzing around with new possibilities is enough to satisfy until planting season truly begins.


A Garden of Threads said...

Hi Kate, Plant the dahlia and place it in the bay window, come early summer plant it in a sunny location and it will bloom for August. I love to play in the dirt this time of year, of course it is indoor dirt.

Laurrie said...

The terrible season is upon you! Wanting and waiting and watching the gloom... it's perfectly appropriate to buy impulse items and make irrational plans right now.

Welcome back from Italy --- what an incredible experience you had.

Cynthia said...

I hear you! I've spent a small fortune on succulents in the last few weeks. I'm desperate for some sun and color. At least I'm 2 climate zones warmer than you even though I'm only a half hour 'down the mountain' from you. No snow in my yard!

Definately try the Dahlia!

Marguerite said...

Yes yes get dahlias! Likely those bulbs will grow too large for the space but they can always be transplanted later in the season. I often start my dahlias inside to give them a jump on the season. Also because they start growing whether I like it or not. I checked my bulbs the other day to see they've sprouted roots so I'll have to plant them up soon.

Rose said...

We're farther along towards spring than you are, Kate, but I've got that same kind of itchy feeling. I just wish it would dry out enough so I could start cleaning up flowerbeds. Good luck with your new vineyard and the dahlias--it's hard to resist bargains like this!

Hannah said...

Hi Kate! What a lovely first picture!!! Follow your instincts and enjoy yourself! I'm sure your trip back from Italy replenished you with energy.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

I'm with ya, Jenn;
It's so fun to just be planting. Even if it is indoors.

Tell me about it, Laurrie;
This is always the most trying month for me because it's also the snowiest, or rainiest, of my year. :((

I'm happy to report that is not the case, my dear Cynthia!
I've found (to my delight) that the heavy snow pack up here in the mountains insulates my perennials so I can grow the same zones as you lucky valley girls. PS! I need to pick your brain on new native plant ideas.

Thx for the encouragement, Marguerite!
I've been bitten with the Dahlia bug, so am anxious to see if these big blossoms can handle mountain life in a protected area.

Hi, Rose!
Its sloppy muddy around here, too. I'm finding it hard to be patient..

Carolyn ♥ said...

They have a name for what we have... Spring Fever. It always hits me when the calendar says Spring and the weather doesn't. We are progressing here though... last patch of snow is gone. Until the next storm comes. Keep smilin'.

ProfessorRoush said...

Yep...those $7 vines and blueberries (in my case) are just aching to die in my care. But I can't resist them any more than you can.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Ya, ya, Carolyn;
It's trying to fool us, isn't it? The very moment I believe I can start making mud pies we'll probably get hammered with another snowstorm.

Lucky you, Prof;
My alkaline soil won't permit me to grow yummy blueberries.

jan said...

I am a sucker buying bedding plants at the home and garden shows in March and April, knowing that the last risk of frost was in May. In the desert, no frost, but no rain, so I am not tempted...

Mariana said...

These are great pictures! The first picture especially is awesome!