Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jasper's Get Up

Jasper Joops: Super Hero
I've done no special favors to this pretty Palomino horse by shooting a photo of him at his very worst.  On my iPhone, no less, but I laughed so hard when I saw him in his 'you will not get muddy again' get up.

You see, it's mud month, up here in the mountains.

Horses are shedding their thick winter coats and that means tons of rolling back and forth in the mud ~ to get rid of the itchies. Normally that would be a-okay, but we're heading out on the Caballos del Sol trail ride and we'd kinda like to have a pair of pretty horses!

Which is why the poor guy is wearing his super hero garb. His owner, my neighbor, spent 4 hours bathing him yesterday and then he promptly rolled in the mud. Again. So, she put face protectors, neck protectors and all over body blankets on the poor boy so no matter how hard he rolls, he'll still be purty.

{This is precisely why I think black horses, such as the beautiful Bella, are the bomb.}

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Melospiza said...

Ooh, that last photo takes my breath away. Gorgeous. The palomino is beautiful, too, of course, just maybe not in THIS photo.

khaki said...

Fantastic photo of Bella. Absolutely beautiful- you totally captured her- or so it would seem. Incredible shot. Was that with your phone??