Friday, March 08, 2013

TGI... Park City

Art for Sale!

Really & truly. Not being even the slightest bit melodramatic when I say that. 

A FABULOUS fundraiser for a fabulous cause.
However! I will say I am quite delighted that it's a Friday and that I live in a place called Park City. Because it's not possible for bad moods to linger in such a great place. 

Still hoping for a date with Farah.
 RETRO SKI DAY is all about dragging those precious ~ cannot part with them ~ dated items from your closet. You know... the ones from way back when. And, you strut out there, in public, with your hottest threads.


I hear the Bee Gees every time I look at this guy!

I love how my little town pitches in on such things...

Gotta love a guy who refuses to give up the one-piecer ski suit. Do you 'spose he's hoping it will come back into style?

Best hair socializing with best dorky jacket. (Remember when we were all crazy patriotic? :)

Last but not least ~ a Chewbacca Green Hairy Ski Jacket. Clearly a must have. At some point in time...

I entitled this TGI Park City as a play on TGIFriday. And, I'm sure you picked up on that...

But, I gotta tell ya. After this dark week, of mean-spirited behavior, I wanted to post these pictures in celebration...

Celebration? Of how blessed I am to live in this particular place.

Here's hoping your dark days are nowhere to be seen. And, that there's a wonderful weekend in front of you.


Sue said...

Hey I still have a one piece ski suit hanging in the closet. They may make a comeback-you never know...

Hope this week will be a better one for you.

Melospiza said...

Great photos, and glad to hear you're emerging from a crap week (it must have been the phase of the moon or the stars overhead, because in my own corner of the universe I had more unreasonable requests and whiny demands than I usually get in an entire year).