Monday, November 18, 2013

Belated GBBD

GBBD = Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, a meme held every month on the 15th day. 

Winter arrived. Oops, no, false alarm. :)

I woke up to a raging blizzard. Was all ready to hunker down for this long, dark season. And, then, the next morning I woke to more sunshine & happiness. Which prompted one last walk in the garden.

Kate tracks & Cat tracks.
 Whenever I stroll around the gardens, I'm accompanied by my BFF, Buddy... photographed, below, doing what he does best: meowing, incessantly.

As if to say: Why? Why can't we move to California? I've heard it's toasty warm out there!

Buddy, our senior citizen: He's been bitching at me for 17 years.
Or, maybe he's announcing to the neighborhood that he's found the Incognito Bad Dog. Who lies in wait.... for the unleashed black dog... new to the neighborhood! And, running free!

Mr. B.
Oh, he's not gonna bite him, or anything of the sort. He hangs out in the garden until the little pup comes running down the lane. Then, he joins him for a romp in the snow.

Note the NEW FLOWER BUD in lower left corner.
Meet the toughest perennial of them all. And, here you thought I was gonna cruise through a bloom day post without a single flower offering...

Scabiosa Pincushion Flowers have shrugged off a month of freezing temperatures and 4 snowstorms.* Still gracing us with flowers and buds!

Other parts of the garden are not fairing as well. Purple Coneflowers are not so purple any more.

Helianthus has seen better days....

Perennial succulent: Hen & Chicks.
A wee baby Hen missing her chicks. (They're under the snow.)

Plus the scraggly remnants of the Heavenly Blue Morning Glories ~ bruised, battered, torn and tattered ~ by early winter's gale force winds.

* Flowers in winter? It's all thanks to this massive boulder. The sun bakes it during the day and it gives off plentiful heat on freezing nights.

Pay a visit to Carol at May Dreams Gardens to meet other gardeners participating in this monthly meme. Happy Bloom Day!

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Rilly said...

I've been lucky enough to see the summer version but there is some beauty in the winter one as well.

Rose said...

That pincushion flower is amazing! I didn't have much luck with this plant a few years ago, but it certainly looks happy in your garden. We had our first snow last week--and then a tornado on Sunday! I think I'll take the snow:)

A belated Happy Bloom Day--I'm late, too.

KC said...

Wonderful to see a photo of "Bad Dog"and Buddy. They looks fabulous. Tell them
hello from me.