Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Mellow Month

November? Now, how can that be? Feels more like September. Is this a sign of old age ~ that the months fly by, faster every year? Or, is it a sign of Mother Nature being ultra kind in delaying the end of a most delightful season.

I am loving these autumn days ~ even more so since winter 'arrived' a month ago with blustery winds and too much snow. And, a bit of a panic attack from this little gardener. Seeing as how I hadn't even gotten around to storing the lawn furniture.  I was soooo not ready for that.

And, neither were the trees. They shook off those early snows, hung onto their leaves...

And, here were are!  In the midst of an especially long and lazy Indian Summer.

Megs (horsie) and I have been on the prowl, in search of wildflowers. Not to pick 'em. Just to photograph them. But, we're striking out completely. Too late in the season. 

And, I suppose it's high time I admitted that it's 'too late' for just about everything. Everything I like to do, anyway. Gardening, hiking, horses... all things summer. 

This gal is in desperate need of a new, winter hobby. 

Any suggestions?

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Aaron said...

Hm...cross-country skiing?

Snowperson making?

Ice sculpture carving?

Cocoa-and-marshmallow sipping?


Are any of these hobbies sounding good? :P

Bonnie K said...

I suggest pinning project Sunday. I always try to make things I've seen on pinterest every Sunday. Glad you are enjoying a long fall. Ours was far too short.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Kate girl .. hum ? new hobby eh ? .. not sure what to suggest but keep snapping pictures .. you live in a gorgeous area and I love seeing it through your lens !
Joy : )

Janie said...

Lovely autumn photos! As soon as the snow falls, which ought to be soon, there's always cross country skiing until the resort snow gets good...

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Good suggestions! Thanks!