Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Full of Life

If you got a late start on planting Amaryllis bulbs, plant in water vs. soil. 
Speeds up growing time. :)

Wow. What a difference it makes to be looking out a new window, at a new view. (Which I will show you. Just as soon as I get in gear and wash the windows! :) I had no idea I was in such a rut until I pulled up stakes and moved back into town. Where everybody walks funny.

I should probably explain that... when you live in a ski town, winter is a deluge of tourists. They show up here to ski and when the day is done, they go shopping in their ski and snowboard boots. (Which don't work very well on flat, or slippery, surfaces.) I'm not sure why tourists won't take the time to put on a sensible pair of shoes, or why they have to grocery shop en masse, instead of assigning this duty to one person.

But, I love it.

I hear them hollering across several aisles of the grocery store. Should we get potato chips? I could totally go for some chips!! Gleeful. On vacation. Without a care in the world. Permission to indulge in all kinds of taboo goodies because, you see, we skied.

Apple Blossom Amaryllis

It's part of why I'm so happy here. Because everyone else is...

Paper Whites come in yellow, too.
I grew up in a small town but that was very, very different. A town where jobs were scarce and people were miserable. Residents eagerly plotting ways to move out of that town, instead of moving in.

Here? Everyone compliments you on your decision to call this place home ~ right after they corner you on why they can't find wine in the grocery stores.

Me, in my sensible shopping shoes, it's easy to tell I'm a local. From now, through April, there will be plentiful interruptions as I'm pushing my shopping cart to, and fro.

But, enough of all that. 
How was your Thanksgiving?

I'm still beating myself up over mine. Major setbacks: I made a from-scratch cream of mushroom soup in order to create the ultimate green bean casserole.

The recipe called for red wine... Eee gads. My green beans turned a ghastly purple color and guests avoided it like that proverbial plague.

My most amazing bread ever came outta the oven, flat as a board.

The turkey, however, was perfect in every way. Because I wasn't in charge of roasting it.

Everyone claimed they had a fabulous time. Chalk that up to the case of champagne.


And, now, suddenly, it's December?

And, I need a tree.

Perish the thought...  but I'm leaning toward a fake tree this year. Freshies are going for $18 a foot! I don't think a one-foot-tree will look all that festive. :)

Native to New Mexico, Poinsettias happily re-bloom in our high desert climate.

What's your take on the whole Christmas tree dilemma? Do you buy a fresh-cut tree? 
Opt for the faux variety? Curious minds need to know...
A skier's perspective on life.

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RhubarbLady said...

The fake tree question was made a lot easier when we found that my one daughter who has asthma had breathing issues with the real trees. So it's been a fake tree for us for probably about the last 8 years or so.

Findia Group said...

i like this!!