Thursday, October 25, 2007

Deaf Ears

Don't ya just hate it when people say I told you so?

I'm not gonna say it... but, the Quail Botanical Gardens could (and probably should.)

Ten years ago they started preaching the merits of defensive gardening in Southern California (i.e. giving your perennials a job to do.)

Succulents like aloe, jade and yucca have high water retention.

Planting a strip of these perennials around the perimeter of your property can help stop wildfires from burning your home.

You can garden defensively in colder climates, too.

There are tons of fire resistant shrubs, trees and perennials to choose from.

The list grows smaller, the colder the zone, but you still have plentiful options.

Cold Climate & Fire Resistant
Three goodies for a high plains desert
  • Red Yucca
  • English Lavender
  • Ice Plant (colorful, succulent ground cover)

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