Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oxalis: A Match Made in Heaven

Oxalis Crassipes Rosea

I often speak the praises of Johnson's Blue Geranium and Six Hills Giant Catmint because they bloom for the better part of the summer. But, this year I met new flower who puts these guys to shame.

This love affair began months ago when Strawberry Oxalis flowered in early May, ignoring frigid temperatures, night after night.

She continued to bloom just as ecstatically in 100-degree summer heat.

It is mid-October and she is still flowering like crazy, in spite of snow, hail and nightly freezing temperatures. (This perennial doesn't have an off button!)

Oxalis Crassipes Rosea:
Compact plants about 10 inches in height. Mine loves the afternoon shade of a Ponderosa Pine. Dainty blooms peak out of shamrock leaf foliage and do a nice job of weeding themselves. Hardy to USDA zone 4. A non-invasive variety. No deadheading!

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