Friday, October 26, 2007

Age & Wisdom

I have a great window in my living room. In fact, I was so excited about the window, that I bought the house even though it was missing a few other essentials. Like a bathtub. And, a bedroom.

I've been growing itsy bitsy roses in this hot, sunny window. Micro Mini Roses have an amazing perfection to them. This is the most perfect rose I've hatched, to date. She's only about an inch in diameter.

I barely noticed the blossom because my window is LOADED with pretty flowering plants right now. That's because somehow, some way, I have accidentally stumbled upon the nicest friends you could ever imagine.

They're a joy to work with.
A riot to play with.
Fascinating to talk to.
And, they were really nice to me for my birthday.
(Nicer than I deserve.)

Of all the things that frighten me about growing older, falling into a rut is the most terrifying of all. I suppose that comes from the fact that I had very old parents. So, I witnessed, first hand, the inertia of old age.

How it silently grabs hold of you. By the time you notice, you're often too tired, or ill, or out of shape to really care.

Which is why each year on our birthdays, we should ask ourselves how old we would be, if we didn't know how old we really were.

Then we should jot down a couple of new things we want to try during the coming year. (Last year's birthday promise to myself was to become a cowgirl.)

Because age is a box people put you in and no good ever comes from being expected to behave this way, or that.

While you're busy redefining your life, invest in a grow light. They are not that expensive. I'm blessed with a great window (and some pretty great friends.) But, I grew flowers like this in grey, gloomy Minneapolis, too. All because of a cheap, cheap grow light.

* Thanks for making this one of the best birthdays I've ever had.

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