Friday, January 18, 2008

Gettin' Through a Friday.

Warm Fuzzies: Nothing boosts my spirits quicker than throwing my arms around a big, strong.... horse.

I'll bet you thought I was gonna say a man, didn't you? Well, sure, I'd prefer that. Doesn't appear to be in the cards.

I went to visit Meg, today. I like to tell her all my problems because she never ever spills the beans. Mostly, she just quietly listens and gently frisks me for sugar cubes while I'm droning on and on.

As the crow flies, Megan lives next door to me but I have to put on the snowshoes to traverse that route.

It was -6 below zero last night. I tossed and turned and worried until sunrise ~ thinking she'd be dead as a doornail after such a cold night.

I know nothing about horses. When I arrived, she was so busy frolicking with her friends that it took her a little while to notice me waving from the sidelines.

And, that got me thinking... about how much time we waste on this, that or the other thing. When we really could (and should!) be living in the moment.

Do people tire you out sometimes? I know they do me.

We are only 4 weeks away from planting first seeds and that is a small good thing...


Iron Needles said...

I used to believe that if I worried enough, that was the key to making sure what I was worrying about wouldn't happen. Twisted logic, I know! I try not waste my energy and power on this any longer, when I can help it
4 weeks 'til seed planting? Maybe I can make it...

Anonymous said...

If I am pickin' up what you're puttin' down I am sorry to hear that this happened. - Anne

Anonymous said...

Jenes pferd verdient deshalb viel aufmerksamkeit nicht! Ich werde Sie in ein paar Tagen sehen. - Heinze