Friday, January 11, 2008

Virtual Vacations

Wouldn't it be great if a bell went off whenever we were making a big mistake?
Paper Whites - fragrant indoor blooming bulbs - are itty bitty Daffodils.

'Tis Friday. So glad. Why not write in partial sentences? I barely deserve to be writing at all after today's faux pas. I proofread -ha!- a newsletter and sent it out to 16,000 people. When I woke up this morning, I noticed it had a gigantic typo in it. Dammit!

That's when I curled up in the fetal position and repeated over and over, I need a vacation. So, I went to my most favorite spot in the whole wide world. I've never actually been here but I virtually visit all the time. You can, too! Click here to see lovely photos of the one, the only, Keukenhof Gardens.

Paper Whites don't care that I can't spell. Where would I be without these tiny, fragrant, ever-so-willing-to-bloom-indoors, cheery flowers? They currently adorn my office desk, leaning toward me as if to say, 'it's okay.'

PS: Paper Whites come in yellow, too.

Fall in love with the Keukenhof Gardens in Holland.


Iron Needles said...

I am going grocery shopping today and I am picking up something blooming and fragrant. I cannot resist!

thismngardener said...


Anonymous said...

Loved the link to the Keukenhof Gardens. Have you been to our very own Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival? They have it every spring.... it may not be Keukenhof but it is a hell of a lot closer. -KC

Anonymous said...

don't feel bad. you're the only one who knew it was a typo - stacey