Sunday, January 27, 2008

Inspecting the Gadgets

Indoor Azaleas prefer indirect light, lots of moisture... and a cup of coffee now and then. (Me, too!)
"Give 'em what they want. Right before they know they want it."

The wind blows hard, threatening another storm. I busy myself in the sunny window, doling out drinks to a thirsty bunch of flowers I've neglected this past week.

Twice a year I leave the quiet of my home office to participate in the circus-like madness of a gigantic trade show.

It's called Outdoor Retailer ~ with gadgets and goodies and garments galore! (I secretly call it everything you've never needed.)

Clever ad campaigns like: GO! or GO! DO! BE! inspire outdoor enthusiasts to camp, hike, ski and (most importantly) spend a whole lot more money than they did last year.

While chatting with the inventor of an amazing new waterproof fabric, I suggested this tag line: "Super Duper Waterproofing! When you're lacking the good sense to come in out of a hard rain." (He was not impressed with my creativity.)

Okay, so I'm a little jaded. All joking aside, it was a wonderful week.

'Tis here I happily reconnect with all sorts of people I've worked with for years and whom I dearly love. Probably because they are not from around here.

Perfect planting conditions make up for people's small-minded attitudes here in Utah. Though, sometimes I feel I'll explode if I have to listen to another minute of these Utahn's idiotic prejudice and incessant negativity.

At the trade show, I hang with my more enlightened friends.
I renew memberships to organizations that preserve the blessed wilderness that surrounds me.

And, I acknowledge, once again, that moving to Utah was concomitantly the smartest and the stupidest thing I have ever done...
On the home front...
  • Pink Azaleas have bloomed for over a month, now.
  • Calla Lily graces my living room with a single white flower.
  • Competitive little Narcissus gives her a run for her money.
  • Miniature roses couldn't wait until Valentine's Day.
While at the trade show...
  • I tried to pitch Bad Dog's supreme talents to the folks at Stunt Puppy. (They didn't seem the slightest bit interested.)
  • The fellow from Stetson gave me horseback riding tips to improve my relationship with Mrs. Cranky Pants.


Anonymous said...

Damn! I thought Stunt Puppy would rocket Bad Dog to stardom. - max

thismngardener said...

I like your slogan! Your indoor flowering plants look stunning. Puts my Kactus Korner to shame.