Friday, May 15, 2009

Crazy Daisies

Mutant Painted Daisy?
I used to own a hippy skirt that looked just like this flower!

Found an old packet of Painted Daisy seeds earlier this year. Decided to test them in the sunny window to see what would grow.

They're supposed to bloom in solid colors of pink and purple and do so after I transplant them into the garden.

Instead they're blooming early with bizarre mutant patterns. Looks as if they're heading to a Grateful Dead concert.

I imagine this is all part of the rebellion.

My seedling army is unhappily biding it's time in the big, sunny window. Overdue for transplanting ~ the weather simply will not cooperate. These May days are far too chilly and I'm behind on most everything I've set out to do.

Speaking of Grateful Dead concerts, check out Buddy ~ doesn't he look high as a kite?

He dearly loves the Catmint perennials ~ which are just beginning to sprout. They'll reach 4 feet tall by end of June and flower a breathtaking true blue for the better part of the summer. Catmint is very mellow compared to Catnip. Bud sniffs the minty leaves, gets all dreamy-eyed and far too lazy to pester these little guys:

Quick ~ quick! What's the first sign of old age setting in? Is it...
A) Watching the birds?
B) Feeding the birds?
C) Giving a damn about the birds?
D) None of the above.

The correct answer is D. The first sign of old age is sitting in the office taking pictures out the window because I'm too tired to walk outside this morning. (Long live Photoshop.)

* Painted Daisies, Chrysanthemum coccineum, are hardy to -40 below zero (USDA zone 3) which means you poor fools in Alaska can finally plant some cheery flowers! They grow so quickly you might as well save the dough and sow by seed. 2 feet tall, drought tolerant.

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Granny J said...

Hah -- no wonder your daisies are crazy. You are thinking of the pyrethrum kind of painted daisies that come in pink and red and white. I once grew those crazy, single Korean mums & loved them.