Monday, May 04, 2009

Desert Wildflowers

Who could it be?
Unidentified Utah Wildflower #1
Capital Reef National Park

Mud month is a real, true season in the mountains.

Unidentified Utah Wildflower #2
Canyonlands National Park

Comes right after ski season is over, when those deep snow drifts begin to melt.

Right about the time you think you'll shoot yourself if you see one more soggy grey and far too chilly day.

Unidentified Utah Wildflower #3
Arches National Park

Oh! And, speaking of arches...
Can you spot the guys in the photo below? You've probably seen this before but until you see it up close and larger than life, you'll never really know what makes this naturally eroded rock arch so special:

There is not much to do in the mountains during mud month ~ other than to stare wistfully out the window and plot your great escape.

Unidentified Utah Wildflower #4
Dead Horse State Park

Which is why, I suppose, they invented Southern Utah.

Because it's hot down there. And, deadly dry.

Hey! Even I can identify this one...

And, just close enough that you can run away for the weekend to see how the other half lives.

I'm talking about this guy.

Not this nutty rock climber (look close, top o' the rock.)

* Think you know your wildflowers?

Then help me out, here. I'd love to know the names of these beauties....


OmegaMom said...

Yes, actually I *do* know some of those wildflowers!

1 - Mexican primrose3 - Evening primrose4 - Desert MarigoldI don't know the name of #2, though I am familiar with it.

Looks like you had a grand time!

Iron Needles said...

I going to presume to know something. Pardon me if I don't. I think the first is a primrose, and the second is 'mahonia repens'(ooh does she actually know the technical term?).

I am just thinking this...

Granny J said...

On #1, I come in on the side of evening primrose, tho which sub-species, I don't know, as my books are only for AZ. #2 grows at slightly lower elevations around here, but I don't know the name off hand. Bear berry possibly.

Kylee Baumle said...

Number 2 sure looks like my barberry...

Googling "barberry in Utah" produced this:

Kay said...

Hi Kate,
I believe this is your wildflower #4. Its from the following website:
Perennial Favorites Nursery.
They sell wildflowers native to Utah.

I have homes in Flagstaff as well as the desert, and we have hymenoxys scaposa (angelita daisy or perky sue) at both elevations. It looks very similar. (Desert marigold has grey foliage.)

Info on both can be accessed via High Country Gardens.

I continue to love your blog!