Thursday, August 09, 2007

Smelling Roses

We bought a cushy little porch swing and placed it in the garden near the roses. (It's had a huge impact on my productivity.) At the end of a busy day, I curl up in that swing. I soak in the quiet beauty of my roses, take a deep breath and wait for life to settle down...

This has been an unbelievably busy work week. One of those weeks where I come home in the evenings and seek out a little bit of solitude in the presence of my flowers.

I am an efficiency expert. Me and 97 bazillion other Moms.

We invented multi-tasking.

And, diplomacy.

Oh, and definitely bribery ~ a terrific motivator.

And... a little bit of ever-so-kind, and perfectly timed, mental torture.

We might also be responsible for the astonishing growth in Napa Valley wine sales.

It wasn't the Army - it was a working Mom - who came up with the drill sergeant concept.

That was invented during a back-to-school shopping spree when time was of the essence. (You want those pants? Let's buy those pants! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!)

Come Sunday, things will be back to normal. I cannot wait. Sometimes I think it's a pity that work always interferes with life.

In the meantime, I know that my roses are missing regular watering but they'll do just fine. They're Rugosa Roses. Because at times like this everyone needs to fend for themselves.

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Gail said...

Oh Kate, your roses are so beautiful, enjoy them for me.