Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Accidental Gardeners

I cat-proofed the garden this year when I created a 'bird tree.'

I put all of the feeders (plus a hanging birdbath) in the big Ponderosa pine, outside my bedroom window - and out of reach of the two serial kitties who are intent on thinning the flock.

That was concomitantly a dumb and brilliant idea.

Dumb because the birds wake up a whole lot earlier than I do and that sunrise feeding frenzy can get a little noisy.

Brilliant because the clever combination of messy birds, sunflower seeds and water splashed from the hanging birdbath worked like a charm...

My accidental gardeners are growing their own sunflower garden!

Sunflowers are incredibly easy bloomers in a high altitude garden.

Just remember that they almost always face east, to greet the morning sun a little more quietly than the birdies do...

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