Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Weeding Frenzy

I've been waging war on the weeds in the Impulse Garden and I've got the scars to prove it. That's because I discovered the sneakiest, most vile weed in town has been growing along the fence line. The Canadian Thistle has inspired many a gardener to tear her hair out. I imagine it's also the inspiration for a lot of Sci-Fi movies because it's practically impossible to kill this alien.

The seeds can lie dormant for up to 50 years. If you're feeling pretty clever about zapping it with Round Up, stop reading for I intend to burst your bubble. It will still turn loose it's seeds and come back with a vengeance the following year. (I like to cook it in the BBQ grill. It adds no flavor whatsoever to food. It just makes me happy knowing I'm destroying the seeds! :)

So, the discovery that the Canadian Thistle was back was the bad news but the good news is the Catmint has magically re-seeded itself. I found a half dozen little babies that I transplanted up the hill in the ugly half of my backyard. I also harvested about 5 tons of Catmint off the mature bushes ~ to give the other perennials some wiggle room.

* Cats don't come with the plant, but I guarantee you'll find a few lounging under the bushes, once you plant it.

** If you toss Columbine and Catmint cuttings into an area of loose soil, they will generally sprout on their own.


Colleen said...

I LOVE your blog. Just discovered it today on a list of gardening blogs. I live in Utah County and am a wanna-be beginner gardener. I'll definitely be consulting your gorgeous blog on a regular basis!

Wunx~ said...

Hey Kate -- Love your flower of the day today. I've never understood what people have against dandylions. My cats haven't seemed to notice my catmint plant(of course it's nowhere near as big as yours), but they did find a package of catnip toy stuffing and spread it all over the house.