Thursday, August 02, 2007

Water Log

Who knew?
All it takes is to hire a contractor, decide to paint the house, and/or head to the Uintas for a much anticipated trail ride... to turn this desert environment into a rain forest.

Couldn't be simpler...
I finally found a contractor who agreed to finish up this very, very tiny and unbelievably messy little project on the back of the house. He mentioned he had a tight window of availability and Mother Nature overheard us talking. It continues to rain, each and every day ~ which was great for awhile because I hate to paint ~ but now it's a little annoying.

This morning I took on the muddy task of tipping flowering containers over to drain out the standing water. I generally plant in pots without drainage holes because it's so very dry around here. It's really the only way to keep annuals well-watered and alive.

If you live in a dry environment, you might want to try the same approach. Or, experiment with these. Container gardening is fun. It allows us to plant things we shouldn't. When I was doing my residency in Siberia (aka Minnesota) I'd populate the deck with tropical flowers. Containers also help indecisive gals, like me (some of my trees are growing in containers because I can't decide where, for sure, they should be permanently planted.)

Just remember that when the monsoons hit, you're facing a very muddy job...

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