Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blue Mist Spirea

Blue Mist Spirea

My Too Blue Garden is at it again. I am so enamoured with this particular color that I sometimes wonder if I should just uproot all of the 'other color' perennials and dedicate my entire garden to blue.

I've managed to murder* 3 or 4 Blue Mist Spireas over the years. That's because they are water guzzling babies, though fairly waterwise when mature. Since they bloom so late in the season, I often forget they are there. This little bush is the only one that has put up with my neglect and survived.
If your garden is looking tired this late in the season, get thee to the nursery and invest in a couple of these! They'll add pretty cool-blue color at the precise moment the rest of your garden is beginning to close up shop.

Reliable Blue Bloomers:* Not quite dead yet: Keep watering the dead stuff. It could be the roots are alive and well. My perseverance with perennials that have one foot in the grave generally pays off with new growth from the live roots.

** Blue Mist Spirea blooms late August into September. Drought tolerant when mature. Loves full sun. Hardy to -30 (F). They also appreciate a good dose of organic fertilizer.

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Nancy Evans said...

Hi Im a gardener from utah too. I just bought my first Blue mist spirea recently and I love it! I also like to write about my garden in my blog too.(although it is not exclusivly about gardening) Check it out if you get bored sometime.