Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chocolate Flowers

"The Chocolate Flower prefers dry, pitiful soil."

That statement got me sooo excited! After all, shopping for perennials that enjoy my harsh, garden environment is like braving the Nordstrom's shoe sale when you know, full well, your size 7 foot is the same size as 23 million other women sporting a Mastercard. (One must be prepared for disappointment. Chances are slim you'll find anything to fit and if you do, it's probably sold out.)

Which is why I was thrilled to find the Chocolate Flower. It's easily mistaken for a Black-Eyed Susan, until you brush past it early in the morning and get a whiff of it's chocolate fragrance.

Berlandiera lyrata Chocolate Flower USDA zones 4-8. Save yourself some $$$ and plant this easy bloomer by seed.

* If you're a chocolate lover, you'll probably love this cute place. Although, when they mention chocolate flowers, they're talking color, not fragrance.

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