Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Alpine Flowers

Mertensia Alpina is often called an Alpine Bluebell. I don't think it is a real bluebell but then I know just enough to be dangerous when it comes to mountain wildflowers.

"Ears laid back, then you get a bite, then you get a kick. And, they're all okay with that."

That's how J. educated me on conflict resolution inside the horse corral ~ right after Meg gave another horse a brutal kick. At first I was shocked, but I guess it's not terribly different from how people behave inside the workplace.
This is beat up on Kate week and I deserve every bite, kick or nasty phone call that comes my way. I'm catching up on all my overdue work though by 4 p.m. each afternoon Meg & I are ready to bust loose. That's when we trot off to inspect the meadow.
This low-lying area surrounded by sage-brush covered foothills, is a wildly blooming mass of alpine flowers that changes moods, with different color blooms, throughout the growing season.

The second the snow melts, one of my most beloved wildflowers - tiny Mertensia Alpina - pops out all over the place.
Sometimes the best ideas for our own gardens come from opening our eyes to the natural beauty that surrounds us.


Anonymous said...

that is such a gorgeous place.

West Bremerton flowers

thismngardener said...

Wow, it looks amazing there. And here I live in the flat plains, in suburbia where the farthest view is across the street.

Wunx~ said...

Ooh, pretty, pretty, pretty!
My camera wants.