Friday, May 02, 2008

Garden Art

Are you jonesin' for a visit to the garden store?
Just dyin' to spend your hard-earned cash on some pretty flowers?

Me, too......!!!

But, I can't plant. Mountain nights are still too cold. So, I'm schemin' and dreamin' about garden art. That junk never suffers from freezing.

When my ship comes in and I rival Paris Hilton for net worth (it could happen...) I'll spend my fortune on this sculpture while Paris is out shopping for another skanky outfit.
(Reason #47 why I'm still single.)

Once she's mine, all mine, my most favorite sculpture will be free to spend her days outdoors, watching over the flowers in my English Garden. (Until someone steals her.)

How many times have you wished people would have visited your garden last week, or next week, because then the flowers would be perfect?

Perhaps you're too demanding. All the world's a stage and your flowers play bit parts throughout the season. (Clearly Shakespeare was a gardener.)

Garden art stays constant throughout the seasons while those lovely blooms, exit and enter, stage left. (Apparently, Snagglepuss was a gardener, too.)

Sure, you can spend a fortune. But, honestly, I think the most fun comes from rummaging through the garage for clever items that add loads of personality and don't cost you a dime. Like discarded shower rods that inspire Clematis to climb to the heavens.

A friend of mine is turning the antique frame of a twin bed into a 'garden bed' filled with happy bloomers.

It would be hard to rival Raffaelo but we gardeners are smart and infinitely resourceful. Let's give him a run for his money.

* In spite of her delicate appearance, the Veiled Lady is sculpted of marble. Veiled Lady, Sculptor Raffaelo Monti, 1860, Minneapolis Institute of Arts.


Linda said...

I love whimsy in garden art too, and have lots of it in my garden. Stop by and see some recycled garden architecture on
The Gardener Side

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I love your blog. I just stumbled on it today and have had a good time going through your previous posts. I look forward to reading more! Keep up the good work.