Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Living Fences

Fun facts to know & tell:
I can't find the keys to my house. I locked it twice and discovered, both times, the only burglar I was frustrating was MYSELF.

After that annoying experience, I put the keys in a special place, so I could easily find them and then... immediately forgot where that was.

However! I am considering installing a lock and all sorts of other things.

I have new neighbors. 47 new neighbors, to be exact. And, they all live within a mile of me.

Suddenly my country cottage is dwarfed by mansions on all sides. With all these changes this place doesn't feel like 'home' anymore. Noise, traffic and lots of new faces have dramatically changed the landscape.

I need a privacy screen and I need it fast! I've landed on yellow-flowering Forsythia because they grow 1-2 feet per year and they're pretty understanding about high winds and poor soil conditions.

At a mature height of 8-10 feet, they'll create a free-flowing, country-style hedge that, with any luck, will keep my dog in and the neighbors out.

1 comment:

thismngardener said...

great idea! I remember them when i was growing up. forsythia, honeysuckle, et al...it is nice to see what i consider "traditional" plants again. Hmm...privacy screen from nosy neighbors in E, MN -- now there's a thought.