Thursday, June 07, 2007

Blue Flax

Each day, a new color graces my garden. I sneak out on quiet mornings, to enjoy the peaceful beauty of new blossoms.

Blue Flax (Linum) is a wildflower that adapts nicely to our waterwise gardens. Nurture this easy bloomer by placing spent blooms in different parts of your yard. It's an eager re-seeder, gifting you with pretty blue flowers in June.

Flax has a personality that matches my own - energetic in the cool, morning hours, happy for a siesta in the hot afternoons. (When temperatures rise, these tiny blue flowers close up, conserving energy to reopen the following day.)

I would love this plant for the flowers, alone, but it's also a medicinal miracle, proven to reduce cholesterol and aid in the fight against cancer. All flowering things can heal the soul. This happy little perennial can heal the body, too.

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Anonymous said...

I love blue flax--it's a sure sign of spring-moving-towards-summer here. Right now, we've also got Rocky Mtn. Penstemon and lupines.