Saturday, June 16, 2007

Moonbeam Marathon

Like some of my flowers, I wilt in hot temperatures. That's why I moved so high up into the mountains... because it never gets that hot here. Or, so they say.

It is 99 degrees in Park City, Utah, today ~ with gale force winds pummeling my poor little posies. This being a Saturday, Mother Nature is also foiling my weekend plans.

So, I'm catching up on office work, of all things, though it's not half bad. I'm writing an article about an Ironman triathlete.* My favorite quote was when he said training is easy - you just need to fit 10 workouts into your schedule every week.

Now this assignment has in no way, shape, or form inspired me to pull on the running shoes. Or, leave the comfort of my air-conditioned home on this hot, hot day.

But it did get me thinking about the Ironman triathletes in my garden.

Takes a licking and keeps on ticking...

If I could vote for the hardest working gal in the gardening business I'd go with Coreopsis verticillata 'Moonbeam.'
  • Drought, heat, humidity, clay soil, blustery winds... bring it on. This dainty little baby blooms from early summer through late fall with just a little bit of deadheading from me.
* Attracts butterflies
* Flower heads feed the song birds

If these aren't good enough reasons to rush out and buy yourself a Moonbeam, try this on for size:

Her pretty yellow flowers glow in the light of the full moon.

*Moonbeam is often sold as Tickseed Coreopsis.

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Anonymous said...

Deadheading is the mainstay of our garden. If we don't deadhead, the flowers stop blooming much sooner. It can turn into a chore!

I love the tickseed coreopsis. We also have a HUGE lanceleaf coreopsis which is trying to take over one of our gardens...