Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fast-Growing Zinnias

I am slowly, but surely, warming up to the idea that I own a new, very ugly, grossly over-priced raised garden bed.

Which is kind of ironic when you think about it. I needed a raised bed because mountain soils warm so slowly it's the only way to grow my favorite things.

Now that I've paid for this eyesore, I've got about a dollar left over until next pay day. So, I can't afford to buy the seedlings I intended to put in it.

Plan B:
There's only one thing that could make me feel all Zen about this mess... And, that's a Zinnia garden.

I'm hard on anyone who plants annuals and that's purely because I'm jealous. My growing season is too short, the nights are too chilly, pretty little annuals aren't up for the challenge.

Perhaps this 'ugly raised bed built for the price of gold' will change all that. Maybe the better soil, the sunny spot and the soaker hoses on a timer (thank you, Omega Mom) will allow me to enjoy what everyone else takes great pleasure in: Speed Gardening.*

So, I beelined it to Home Depot this morning and purchased a whole dollar's worth of Zinnia seeds. They're one of the few annuals that can be successfully planted by seed in a high altitude garden. Wish me luck.

Everybody loves Zinnias. Meet my soul sister.

* Zinnias are fast-growing annuals. A perfect choice when introducing kids to seed planting.

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