Monday, June 11, 2007

The Great Grape Escape

Willamette Valley, Oregon
Garden Lover's Paradise
The Pauper's Napa

Most people think opting for a freelance career is risky and unpredictable. It is! But, the alternative can be pretty risky, too.

After 5 years of wasting away in a dull, grey cubicle, I was convinced if I remained a corporate drone much longer, I would surely die.

Domaine Serene, Dundee Hills
Willamette Valley, Oregon

When you announce you're a freelancer, people generally say they could never do that because they'd get bored working alone from home. That's when I have to point out the bleeding obvious:

What makes you think you have to stay home?

The greatest perk to being a freelancer is the freedom to run away at the drop of a hat. When things aren't growing well at my place, I like to go to places where they are.

It snowed on my garden in Park City, Utah last week. It snowed and the freezing temperatures murdered my lonely little heirloom tomato seedling. It made me so mad that I tossed the laptop in the car and sweet talked a fellow freelancer into meeting me in a place where the grass truly is greener.

Where Calla Lilies (Calla Lilies!) grow wild.

If you've never been to Willamette Valley, Oregon, you really should book a trip. It is hands down the prettiest place you've ever seen. Filled with young up and comer wine brats who are hell-bent on proving to Napa that sustainable grape farms and orchards are the way to go.

PS: If you're like me [pretending to be in the office while you're goofing around out there,] fear not. Wireless is free and plentiful and the cell phone works, too! (Just make sure your clients don't hear any clinking wine glasses in the background when they call...)

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