Friday, June 13, 2008

Just Dandy

Perhaps I'm looking at this all wrong, I thought to myself as I soaked away another day of tired muscles after waging war with the Dandelions.

I live across the road from the Guiness Book of Dandelion Meadows so the concept of growing a garden without a few Dandies is a bit ridiculous. This has me on the verge of a "can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy...

1) They're edible. We could make a case for a new vegan entree.

2) They do, after all, add bright happy color to a garden.
3) If you get up close and personal, Dandies become a work of art...

So, whaddya think? If I print up a bumper sticker would you buy it and support my cause?

Honeybees love Dandelions. (Yet another reason to stop pulling them!) Opt for insecticidal soap instead of chemical pesticides. Still, it's easier to simply throw in the towel. Order my bumper sticker and let's change the world.


Iron Needles said...

It's really in how we look at things, isn't it?

I saw purslane being sold as a (rather expensive) perennial at the nursery this year. (Pul-lease!) But for some (other) folks, it's yummy.

Gail said...

Hi Kate. I have to laugh, here I am going around town picking peoples dandi flowers and seed heads, so I can make oil, tinctures, soaps and have the seeds to spread on my piece of property. They are all over here, too, except on my land and I want the buggers. It is one of the most useful plants, for you and your garden, as well as for grazing animals, not to mention they are pretty. I say stop fighting um, learn about um and then employ um. Grin.